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Striiv Activity Tracker app for iPhone and iPad

4.6 ( 1936 ratings )
Health & Fitness Games Adventure Simulation
Developer: Striiv, Inc.
Current version: 3.4.63, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 27 Nov 2013
App size: 92.69 Mb

Use this app with your Striiv or Walgreens fitness tracker to view your daily activity. Personalize your home screen to display the activity metrics you want to track and connect with other Striiv users on their way to achieving their health goals.

Other features to check out include:
● Social ­ Connect with your friends and other users as you progress to your fitness goals together
● SmartWatch* ­ See incoming call alerts, read your text messages, and control your music right from your wrist
● Activity Data ­ See your historical activity and sleep patterns plotted on daily charts

Join other Striivers who’ve already lost weight, lowered their BMI and reduced their risk of heart disease, diabetes, and stroke through tracking their activity ­ continue your health journey with us.

*SmartWatch features vary by device model ­ check your device for a full list of capabilities. On some devices, additional features are available for in-app purchase.

Note: This companion mobile app is required to successfully activate your Striiv or Walgreens activity tracker (learn more about Striiv and our devices at

Pros and cons of Striiv Activity Tracker app for iPhone and iPad

Striiv Activity Tracker app good for

Only irritating thing is the app will open itself while Im doing things on my iOS. Makes me lose my progress in other apps. Please fix
The app is very easy to use. The Striiv tracker and app work well together. Its a great motivational tool.
The new app is amazing step forward , with great new features, i use the Striiv Fusion Bio works great
Love , Love, love this app!!! Synced with Walgreens app is a wonderful thing! Makes you much more conscious of your daily activity. And holds you accountable for not putting in the effort by making it in black and white. Cant not lie to your self about haha!!! Love it!!
I purchased my Striiv Fusion in December 2014 and wear it everyday. In addition to step counting (which all fitness trackers do), I love that I can see my phone calls, read the first couple lines of texts, get any notifications that I have turned on in my phone, wear it in the shower, etc. Several reviewers must not know how to use the app. You are able to see sleep quality as well as total hours. To see the quality, click on the sleep tile/icon and it will take you to a bar graph showing your daily sleep totals. Then, select the day you want details on by sliding the chart left or right. Click on the box in the upper right hand corner and choose "daily". A chart will then come up which will show when you were not moving, restless, or awake. You do have to turn on the sleep feature either from the band or on the app when you go to bed but it only takes a second or two. Many friends and relatives have a Fitbit but I like mine much better.
I love it!! You can still be in contact with everyone, without having to pull out your cell phone on the sales floor.

Some bad moments

Although I love the new sleek design of the app the functionality has severely decreased. I can not see my steps from previous days at all (With or without an internet connection). This is unacceptable. This needs to be fixed RIGHT AWAY!
I am relatively new to this space, but decided upon this purchase when looking at other competitors. Well most people go with the fit bit brand, I decided this was worth a try even though the prices were very similar. I was disappointed particularly by the sleep monitoring function. The only way this device knows that youre resting or sleeping, is if you tell it this is the case. Theres no quality of sleep function or anything like that at all you just turn on the button and tell it that you went to sleep and you turn the button off to tell it that you have awakened. No tracking or quality. Thats pretty poor in this space with so many competitors are so good at sleep tracking devices. As far as the other features they are generally average or below. This is overpriced for what it does and especially for what it does not do. Realistically, the two features that actually work well are the resting heart rate, and the step counter. I would not recommend that you get one of these devices, but rather go for a fit bit or other brand that can actually track sleep and other important functions without you constantly having to go to your phone to turn on and off little switches and buttons that other devices can automatically detect.
It seems I have to reinstall the app every month because the device wont sync. So I lose all my data every month.
The new version. Is terrible it only shows yesterdays info, I cant even find sleep mode it used to work now its junk
Only had it for 3 weeks, 2 weeks into having it the time resets itself to an incorrect time. Support has not been helpful. Everything is up to date and the its still now working. Support is now ignoring my emails. Waste of money!
Wont sync correctly Not happy with it 60 buck version Charger is separate connection you have to keep up with They want 15.00 for replacement parts of you lose them Just not happy with it over all

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